Attendees guide

Technical requirements

Connect with a recent/updated version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Please do not use Safari.

All participants (remote and in-person)

How to start using ibrida

  • Click here:
  • Fill in the required fields and activate your account. Please, enter the E-mail address you used for registration to the conference
  • Enter your Join Code (Please Note: the Join Code is not a password. You will need it only to activate your account. Once activated, you will not need it again.)
  • Create a password and confirm it
  • Click „Join“
  • Type again your E-mail address and the password you have just created
  • Log in

Online participation: platforms used

Upload personal bio

  • is the platform where every participant can take part in the event. You received a dedicated invitation E-mail to enter the platform with your credentials.
  • StreamYard is the video conference platform we will use for the live streaming of your speech.

Oral presentation: Online speakers format

  • While online presentations are pre-recorded and will be streamed, online speakers are required to be live to answer for 5 minutes during Q&A session at the end of their pre-recorded presentation.
  • Oral presentations of the four finalists in the YIA competition will be live streamed.
  • To connect as a speaker to the live streaming you were provided with a connection link to the StreamYard platform that only speakers will use.
  • Once in StreamYard, you will enter a virtual waiting room. Only our technical staff will see you and welcome you via the dedicated chat in StreamYard. At this moment you will not be visible to the audience.
  • Technical staff will be in charge of launching your pre-recorded video. Once the video is over, our technical staff will set you live to be visible to the audience.
  • Now you will be able to answer the questions the chairmen will refer to you during Q&A session.

Technical guidelines for your speech on StreamYard

  • StreamYard is the platform used to carry out the live broadcast of the event.
  • At this link you can find a video tutorial of how to connect to StreamYard. We strongly recommend you to watch the video, as you will find some essential information.

Technical hints

  • Check your internet connection. The upload has to be over 3 Mbps.
  • We ask you to use Chrome or Firefox.
  • We ask you to use a PC for your speech (tablets, smartphones and other devices do not guarantee high quality streaming and all the features of StreamYard, like the screen sharing).
  • We ask you to check your microphone and to use headphones, in order to improve the quality of your speech.
  • Remember to close other running programs such as Skype, Teams, etc.
  • Check that your webcam is working properly.
  • On the day of your presentation, please connect 15 minutes prior to your speech.

Poster authors (remote and in-person)


  • The hybrid Poster Session (both PA and P7) will take place at, Poster Area section (please, see the left menu).
  • You can go through all the online content (PDF posters, videos and optional pre-prints). You can also manage your own content displayed on your page.
  • You received a dedicated invitation E-mail to enter the platform with your credentials.
  • As a poster author, you are required to be live and reachable during the whole Poster Session.
  • You can chat with other participant, or you can arrange a video meeting via the ibrida platform (no additional services or applications, such as Skype, ect. are necessary).

General information

Accessing platform

  • We recommend to connect with a recent/updated version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Please do not use Safari.
  • When accessing the platform for the first time, please enable push notifications to receive real time updates on the event, and enable Networking to chat with other participants and give them the possibility to find you within the „Participants“ section.