About Brno

24 Hours in Brno

‘’Matched with a beauty queen like Prague – and without its own Charles Bridge to boast about – Brno is the Czech Republic’s perennial underdog. But spend just 24 hours in the country’s second-biggest city and you'll quickly discover it has a lot going for it.’’

The Lonely Planet

The Top 10 Alternative City Breaks in Europe

‘’Booming Brno, with its creativity, history and subterranean mystery, is the perfect antidote to overrun Prague and its forests of selfie sticks.’’

The Guardian

52 Places to go in 2016

‘’Unexpected cuisine and nightlife in an architectural Mecca.’’

The New York Times



The 40th and 8th safest city and country in the world (Global Peace Index).



squared miles of vineyards and six UNESCO monuments within couple of minutes.



local beer brands in the Czech Republic.

Charming & Vibrant City

Strategically located in Central Europe, Brno has excellent accessibility making travelling to the city a breeze for visitors from all over the world. Brno is the crossroad between four capital cities – Prague, Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest. It is considered to be a capital of science due to the presence of 14 universities, the Czech Academy of Science, and scientific centers of excellence. It offers world-class services at reasonable cost.

The Region of Sun, Wine & Hospitable People

South Moravia belongs to UNESCO treasury. There are few regions in the world which offer their visitors such a combination of architectural gems, wonderful countryside and traditions that are hundreds of years old. Six UNESCO monuments, wineyards soaked in sunshine and the hospitability of the locals make South Moravia a true paradise for each and every tourist.