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Computing in Cardiology

Computing in Cardiology is an international scientific conference that has been held annually since 1974. CinC provides a forum for scientists and professionals from the fields of medicine, physics, engineering and computer science to discuss their current research in topics pertaining to computing in clinical cardiology and cardiovascular physiology.

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The Sunday Symposium

Since 1990, each scientific meeting of CinC has been preceded by a Sunday afternoon symposium highlighting current research in an area of special interest to the local hosts. The Sunday symposium provides an opportunity for attendees  to hear about the significant contributions and ongoing research topics coming from the laboratories and clinical research centers of the local organizers. Past meetings include topics such as:

Cardiology and Space Flight

Wireless Applications in Medicine or Multi-scale Cardiac Modeling

Virtual Reality in Cardiac Surgery

Physionet/CinC Challenge

PhysioNet and Computing in Cardiology catalyze and support scientific communication and collaboration between basic and clinical scientists. The annual challenges seek to provide stimulating yet friendly competitions, while at the same time offering both specialists and non-specialists alike opportunities to make progress on significant open problems whose solutions may be of profound clinical value.

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Computing in Cardiology is about more than organizing a conference, it is a society of engineers, physicians, and scientists who share a common passion for exploiting the power of computing to understand, diagnose, and treat all aspects of the heart.

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